B2B Lead Generation

Leveraging the digital presence of top executives to scale customer acquisition


We fit together if

You have a tech driven b2b company

You have ambitious growth targets

You are searching for deals > 10k €


If this is your DNA and lead generation is your challenge,

then we can help you to lift up your sales pipeline to the next level.

Want to know how it works?

Customers who already trust us

Why do I need leads?

Leads are the basis for new business!

If you have a great b2b product and a perfect service you could focus to establish a trustfully client relationship. Usually your company has a growth target that you are going to achieve. Unfortunately there are two reasons that will prevent you from reaching the goals:

  1. These growth targets are mostly higher than the market
    is demanding your companies’ products.

  2. There’s churn that will take business from your books.

From our perspective there’s only one option to go straight ahead:

You have to do marketing and sales!

Why a new way of lead generation?

Each traditional lead generation channel has big flaws.

  1. Only 3 percent of managers trust sales people.

  2. Big deals get initiated mostly from top level executives.

  3. The biggest challenge is lead generation.

90% of decision-makers never answer a cold call.

90% of decision-makers never answer a cold call.

GDPR set new rules for outbound marketing.

GDPR set new rules for outbound marketing.

Outside sales forces have extremely high costs per lead.

Outside sales forces have extremely high costs per lead.

Ads have only a one time effect.

Ads have only a one time effect.

How will you make this happen?

We deliver a pre-qualified sales pipeline for you.

We will find and contact the right decision makers.

We will find and contact the right decision makers.

We are leading conversations until the leads turn into a prospect.

We are leading conversations until the leads turn into a prospect.

Then we will set appointments into your calendar.

Then we will set appointments into your calendar.

After the project start, you'll see the first results within one week.

What is your method?

We are using professional business networks with over 650 Million users and over 80 Million decision makers (Source: LinkedIn) for qualification and lead generation. Connecting to other professionals, talking about business related topics and sharing insights is highly appreciated on these platforms. Some call it social selling but it’s much more than selling a product or service. It is about building a strong and reliable personal network, meaningful business contacts and establishing a personal brand with an ability to spread your message.

Already linked in?

How does it work?

We lead conversations through different stages in your name.

Our senior partners optimize your personal profile to best tell your story. Based on your personality, experience and offering we make you a personal brand.

Regarding your product or service, your USP and communication/sales strategy we’ll find the right people for you to talk to. Based on their role and specific requirements we are creating an individual messaging and reach out to your audience. Once connected you are permitted to deliver valuable information to your newly created leads regularly.

Constant follow-up messaging

Constant follow-up messaging


A steady stream of meaningful content pieces will lead to comments, discussions and individual conversations. Leading these numerous conversations and qualifying these leads to an appointment for you is the service that makes our work results valuable. From this point you are at the trigger to turn a business contact into a client.

And the best thing is: They belong to your personal network now! You are allowed to interact, send updates and share insights with your contacts as much as you want.

And an active and growing network has a strong side effect: It enables you to generate more leads. Your profile automatically will be suggested to other members.

Are you running LinkedIn Ads?

Usually we do not set up LinkedIn Ads campaigns for you. We could even do but this is not our approach. When we’re talking about campaigns then we have a personalized communication strategy in mind to generate new leads.

Is there artificial intelligence in place?

We are using Artificial intelligence to automate repetitive tasks, like data extraction and entry. AI even helps us to get insights about the latest topics and the hot companies to contact. As we are dealing with human conversation on a day-to-day basis we are about to identify the user signals with the help of machine learning. The amazing field of natural language processing (NLP) provides a lot of promising approaches and we are going to use them as much as possible. Since there is no solution out there which fully fulfills our strong requirements we have to do our homework manually. And this is exactly what we can help you with: managing the outreach and the correspondence for you. In your name. Trustfully.

What makes Artificial Link so special?

The topics of our clients are mostly revolutionary new. It’s our specialty to translate these topics into a language that the market understands. So far there was no topic that was too complex for us, whether Blockchain, AI, VR or even neuroscience. Whatever it is, we’ll study “your language” and find a way to spread your message to the right people.


Always full control of your account and all processes.

Always full control of your account and all processes.


A qualitative and sustainable business relationship will take time to grow. We will help you to achieve and nurture a huge business network of thousands of members. This doesn’t work without a personal touch. Our account managers are trained to lead the conversations to yours. That’s why it is necessary to run an initial onboarding and to have feedback calls on a regular basis. 

Feedback and Documentation?

Sure. You will have weekly catch up calls with your account manager. This is your opportunity to give and get feedback to ongoing campaigns, conversations and appointments. We take this seriously as your feedback will help us to reach out to the right people with the best message. All progress will be permanently monitored so that we can immediately adjust the settings.

Measuring results


We are tracking campaigns to analyze and report its output. Based on the number of invites sent, follow-ups and responses we can calculate acceptance and response rate. The amount of calls arranged with qualified prospects is the most important one as this is the result of our effort and the impact for your sales pipeline.

All numbers are permanently tracked and analyzed. You’ll be able to see to whom we reached out and who responded at everytime.

What’s the ROI?

The results of a client within first 90 days with a 100.000 € + deal sizes.

From invited people to an appointment we are achieving a conversion rate of about 7.6 percent.

From invited people to an appointment we are achieving a conversion rate of about 7.6 percent.


From 100 invites we sent around 30-40 people will accept. We will go into a conversation with about 15 or 20, give feedback and share useful insights. Up to 8 of your recently won contacts will join a personal call where you can demonstrate your pitch/sales talent.

What is your closing rate?

How much qualified leads do you need to make a deal?

What is your sales cycle?

I’d prefer hiring a social media professional.

Sure you can hire a social media specialist or sales development representative (SDR). You have to find, onboard and lead this person. This may take a while and you are not able to predict the results.

Start filling your pipeline with us immediately. The first results will be reportable within the first month.

What clients say about Artificial Link

Is it save and GDPR conform?

As a customer-oriented company, data protection has always been in the focus of our endeavor.

We are aware of the sensitivity of the data in the LinkedIn profiles of our customers and partners, which is why we have used the help of specialists in this area.

We have appointed a specialized law firm to assist us with the implementation of the current provisions of the GDPR and to stand by our side as an external data protection officer.

See detailed information regarding our dedicated data protection officer at the privacy policy declaration.

Working closely together, we have always valued a secure IT infrastructure and effective technical and organizational measures since the company was founded. Our employees have been committed to data secrecy and are regularly trained in handling sensitive data by our data protection officer.

We can, therefore, guarantee you a clear conscience: Your data is in safe hands with us!

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